Hai Phong - A wonderful city

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Over one hundred years of existence and development, Hai Phong city has several cultural heritage which consists of a harmonious blend of classical European style, mystical Asian style. This combination creates a unique beauty of Hai Phong, which is both elegant and powerful.

Hai Phong is an important destination with major seaports. Up to now, Hai Phong still holds an important position, being one of 5 major cities under the central government. However, the urban development of Hai Phong is not as fast as the big cities, so Hai Phong still retains many old features, ancient works imprinted in bold planning and architecture of the French, typically in the downtown area - Hong Bang, Le Chan and Ngo Quyen districts. It will not be too difficult to find houses with French architecture from the old days in the city center, although over time there are more or less embryos and old streets, Tay street also has its own stories. attractive enough, captivating visitors who have visited here.